Monday Morning Feng Shui: Back to the Bedroom

Good Morning!  It is once again Monday morning, and you may be starting out your work week; I hope you have "good" bedroom Feng Shui and slept well. 
Last Monday, there were several bedrooms with "good" Feng Shui in my post.  Today, we are going to revisit those bedrooms and discuss why the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in Feng Shui. 

This was one of the bedroom visuals last week.  Overall, the Feng Shui is very good here.  The soothing colors, soft textures, and bed placement register in the brain that this is a calm, serene and safe place to be and sleep.  One thing missing is the fire element, and in Feng Shui, this could be brought in in the form of a family photo on the nightstand. 

This bedroom is a stark contrast to the serene, calm and soft tones of the first bedroom.  I still think this bedroom has good Feng long as the owner of this space doesn't have any issues related to sleep.  The bright fuchsia/orange walls and pink accents and lamps bring a lot of fire, but the fire is balanced out by the water expressed in the crystal looking lamps.  To further balance this space the metal element is present in the white wood bureau, white headboard and shades. 

Again, we have a bedroom example with serene colors, textures and shapes.  This example is a bit more rustic than the first photo with more refined décor.  But, the creamy walls, bedding, headboard, chair and art all invite a calming atmosphere.  There is a great deal of the metal element here in all the creamy, light décor but it is balanced with wood in the basket, tables and wooden beams.  I would add a touch of fire again to this room in the form of some barn red, rustic looking pillows on the bed and accent chair to completely balance all the elements in Feng Shui.  The big fan over the bed is not really good Feng Shui; sleeping with large objects over your head may cause sleeping issues. 

Notice the thing central to all these bedroom examples?  There are no TVs, electronics, office equipment or computers in any of these spaces.  All of these things emit electric magnetic fields and can disturb or interrupt sleep patterns. 
You probably have already known or figured out that the bedroom is the most important room of your home, even without reading about Feng Shui.  The bedroom and bed placement in Feng Shui represent the most sacred of spaces, it is a personal space, a very personal sanctuary and is a place of rest, relaxation and pleasure.  Honoring these things is honoring you and your being and health.  What could be more important that that?  Wishing you a most beautiful Monday, dana

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