a simple man

this post may not mean much to my readers in the Netherlands, Spain, Argentina, Brazil or Russia; but nevertheless, it must be penned. 

his name was roger, he wore old, tattered jeans, black boots with thick soles and white t-shirts, and on occasion he would "dress up" and put on a flannel or plaid shirt and a new pair of jeans.  he lived simply, he lived free, he lived for the dinner he was preparing that evening.  often times he would go on and on about some dish he made that warmed his belly and heart.  it was the chicken tacos that made him really happy; yep, those chicken tacos.  something about them and the wrapped warmth of the meat and salsa and shells that he loved.  and in the fall, he would talk of pot roasts and chili and goulash. 

he rode our tractor for hours, with his baseball cap on and a heavy sweatshirt; even in the heat of the summer, for the big horse flies followed him and harassed him all the while.  sometimes, he found treasures on our property, wild raspberries or black dirt or hickory nuts that he would gather, take home and feed to his squirrels.  he enjoyed these things.  for he was a simple man.

he was disabled, working for a corporation, he gave his all and in the end it took the best of him.  he wasn't appreciated there and it was best he left.  he lived simply as such; without much money or power but he didn't need it.  he loved the birds and squirrels and the feel of the sun as he rode our tractor. 

he often gave the kids rides on the tractor, the big orange machinery.  they always thought this was just great.  riding all over the property, listening to his ways; to his tales and understanding of the earth.  those were special moments for him and he always hoped that my children would remember these times and take it with them in later years. 

if you needed something, he always helped.  and, he never really wanted anything in return.  when his pay was cut in half, he still mowed, cleaned and helped around the house.  i had to tell him to stop doing so much work without pay. 

he is gone today.  he will be missed but his memories will ring strong in our minds and hearts for many more years.  he was a simple man, but that doesn't matter in the end; it is the love and light shared that matters.  he gave his all. 



  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of a good friend and a lovely man. There are people on this earth whose gift is to show us how to live--simply and with grace. He sounds like he was a wonderful man.

    1. Thank you Heather. People provide messages to help us on our journey called life; if we are open and aware, these gifts are always there. ~dana

  2. that is a fitting tribute to Roger-I know he'll love it honey.
    maybe you should print a copy and give it to his family?

    1. Thank you Mom! That is a great idea. ~dana

  3. Very Thought provoking-
    Just like Eleanor Rigby -
    We All Want To Be Recognized For The GOOD We are Able to Contribute in This World!
    Roger Was A Sweet Man - Shannan Mac

  4. Very well put. Thanks for posting this. Fit him to a tee.