wednesday wisdom: change happens

life is consistent in that change happens constantly.  we are never in the same frame of mind, space or time twice.  everything is always moving, either going forward in a positive way or a negative way.  there is simply no way to control it.  or, is there?  there is a great amount of evidence that our thoughts affect our life.  thoughts become reality.  so, with this being known and something scientifically proven, isn't it time to make your thoughts count?  to make your thoughts reflect everything you are passionate about, everything you wish to be and do in this world? 
it really is this simple.  the most difficult obstacle to overcome is your own mind.  today, remind yourself ( and i will do the same), to stay present and keep your thoughts in check.  let's see if we can make this change (sounding a little like michael jackson this morning!).  dana

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