ISO: The Perfect White Paint

This is a plea for reader input! I am painting my new place all white and in need of your advice. The most urgent room to repaint is the laundry room before the delivery of a new washer and dryer next week.  There are so many choices out there, and online research shows designers loving White Dove by Benjamin Moore, Decorators White, Super White and Cloud White also by Benjamin Moore, and Pointing by Farrow and Ball (it looks a bit too yellow online for my needs). Looking online at the samples helps a bit, but it really is difficult to tell which one will work; and holding my computer up to the wall isn't going to happen!
this is white dove by Benjamin Moore and it looks promising

My trim work is white, but not a super white-white. Ceiling height is 9 foot and the lighting is not too bright in most areas and is a bit darker (until the new chandelier is installed) in the laundry room. Painting choices in white are endless, some have gray tints, green and even pink tints. I would love to hear from you. Happy Monday and Happy Ch'i, Dana


  1. Happy Monday! White dove is very nice! To be really be happy with your choice, you may have to get some samplers and paint them on your wall; check them throughout the day as different light comes in... A white that has some pink undertones, or coordinates nicely with pink (like a green or blue undertone), would suit your aesthetic, in my opinion. :) Maybe try Benjamin Moore's Swiss Coffee.... And let us know what you choose!

    1. Hello Carrie, my apologies for the delayed response. Moving and no home Internet yet do not bode well for blogging! Thanks for the input; I have decided on Pure White from Martha Stewart in another brand of paint. I'll be painting swatches in all of the rooms in the house as you suggest to see how lighting affects the paint. I love the name Swiss Coffee...makes me want an iced latte just about now. dana