wednesday wisdom: live with what you love

moving takes a lot of effort!  coming from an apartment with 3/4 of a house in storage to our new condo, i am amazed at how much stuff we all have collected.  my response to opening boxes with contents that have been in storage for over a year, a big OH.  it is like Christmas but with stuff you didn't want.  most of it no longer serves our/my needs and where we are at in this stage of our lives.  the answer:  donate to a charity with a cause near and dear to my heart, one of them is Easter Seals of Michigan.  this charity helps people with disabilities gain mobility and greater independence. 
walking by the huge pile of boxed goods and furniture growing daily near the front door, makes me smile and feel joy every time!  sending once-loved items to a place where they may be loved again is good for all and is a basic feng shui principle.    happy wednesday and happy ch'i, dana

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  1. Such a wonderful thing to do!! I think not knowing where to donate is what stops a lot of people from giving.