the healing power of food & how it relates to feng shui

if you follow along on this blog/journey with me, you know i like food.  growing up with an italian grandmama who always had a warm bowl of garlic and sautéed spinach ready for me or a hot bowl of pasta with marinara; infused in me how love could actually fuse in food.  her energy was literally in the food!  i could feel it; and the comfort, warmth and good energy of food and it's beneficial effects cannot be underestimated.  

my mother did the same.  i'll never forget the warm baked banana bread she'd serve up after school with a big ol' dollop of butter on top.   the smell of the moist bread as she brought it to us, the visual of the melting butter on top, and the taste healed all the days' worries.

there's no doubt in my mind that food heals, not only the body, but your whole being.  there is a mind-body connection when seeing good food, infused with good energy or chi right before you. 

while food has always been a part of this blog, i'm beginning to go much deeper into my experience with it.  over the last several months, i've become more connected to it, to the earth, to the way food is grown, how it is prepared, and how i eat.   i'm all about pro-health and wanting to put food with the highest vibrational energy into my body and my children's bodies as well.  

some foods have higher vibrational energy than others.  freshly picked organic fruits, vegetables and nuts have the highest energy while genetically modified, processed, and frozen foods have lower vibrational energy.

to lift the vibrational energy of food, or to infuse it with intention; close you eyes when preparing or eating food and give it a blessing or an affirmation.  as long as your energy is clear and peace-filled you can erase any negative energy this way and raise the vibrational energy.  

i'm not sure how all this fuses with my feng shui and design practice (although there is more to be said about feng shui and food...i'll save this for another post), but i'd like to meld it all together; to help all my clients all the while helping our beautiful, bountiful mother earth.  happy thursday.  xx, dana


  1. Have you ever looked into Ayurvedic medicine? It seems to me to be sort-of like the Feng Shui of food. I still love reading your blog. I've moved to North Carolina to start a Masters in Social Work program. (Our phone conversation, in which you told me about how you chose your career path, was a healthy push along my path in that direction.) Thanks for the feeling of home and inspiration that arrives in my inbox regularly!

    1. hello dear claire. so good to hear from you. yes, i've looked into ayurvedic medicine but it is feng shui and homeopathy that resonate deeply in me. i'm glad you're following your passion! keep in touch and many blessings to you on your journey. xx, dana

  2. Personally speaking, due to my recent health I had to turn towards food and vegetables... I just came across your blog as I was reading about fruits and their benefits. I do agree that some fruits have higher vibrational energy then others but every fruit has its own. Gotta read more. Thank-you for your article.

    1. hello and welcome. i'm glad that you found fruits and vegetables! the healing power of real food that has not been processed is immense. may you find health in healing on your journey. dana