monday morning feng shui: 2015 the year of the sheep


i find that my writing time needs to unencumbered, especially if i'm working on a feng shui post.  this entails lots of creative space and free thinking to allow the messages to just come in with great inspiration.  you may have noticed less feng shui posts; this is all part of this change that will continue in hope that these posts bring great meaning to you.  last week, a great message and source of inspiration came through via another feng shui expert which prompted me to think and create this post. 

if you've followed along on my blog, you've read my other posts on feng shui which give a basic understanding, in a very abbreviated form, of what it is.  i meld my aesthetic interior design sometimes with feng shui and other times, i do not.  it all depends on client wishes.  sometimes, a client simply desires a feng shui consultation and no interior design; and that is fine too.  it's all about tailoring what i do to make it work for the client.  

back to feng shui.  this is a wood yin year with the sheep or ram or goat as some call the animal.  the key thing is that it is a yin year.  if you've heard of the yin and yang terms or viewed the iconic black and white yin and yang symbol of balance, then you are most likely experienced in what the terms mean.  briefly, yin represents the feminine form of things, feminine energy, quiet, calm, introspective; it is less outward than yang.  you may feel this energy already, it's less active than the fire energy of 2014.  you may also find that you are taking more time to contemplate plans and goals; and that sometimes you need to stop, pause and possibly rest before moving forward with big plans.  this is all  natural and part of the year of the sheep.  savor this time to nurture you, clear mind and life clutter, practice simple kindness, and fill your life with all things true to you.


in terms of yin in interior design, you'll find it represented in neutrals, dark colors, soft textures, muted paint tones, and more peaceful designs.  think dark, calm and receptive rooms or environments.   until we meet again, i wish you great balance and a year filled with much peace.  xx, dana

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