one room challenge: week 4

welcome back to those who are following along each week.  this week was all about pro.cras.tin.ation.  yep, that "dirty" word was the theme this week.  little details need to be done like hang the curtain rod, move and arrange furniture, finalize art and such but they didn't.  not to worry as there was progress made too.  the bergere chairs were delivered...and, they are the right size and scale for my living room.  the coffee table also came in and ditto with the scale too.

if you've followed along on my journey and this blog, you know my love of fashion and furniture (especially french) comes from within as i have been "doing" design work from a very young age.  i started out making replica chanel clothing and arranging my childhood home from a wee young age and then went to a private school to study furniture design and fashion design right out of high school.  these things still heavily influence my designs today and will show up in this orc design.  

my weekly inspiration for my living room design came many months' ago when i attended the detroit institute of arts.  this marble sculpture is quite spectacular; i only captured the bust but it is a full-size human form.  the beauty and details of this magnificent piece resonated deeply within me and i knew that it would be transferred into my home somehow.  

she's the beauty i found on one of my weekly jaunts to resale and vintage shops in search of sconces for a client.  i'm hoping she will make the final styling and reveal for this orc.  

here's some ugly going on this week

the louis xvi dining chairs i'd like are way out of my budget,  even though i'm one to wait for the right pieces to show up for my designs.  but, i'm on a timeline with this challenge and this set of 6 chairs popped onto my radar via craigslist.  they need paint and new fabric and i think they'll work just fine for now with the help of a big facelift.  

my biggest score this week is a piece of art from one of my favorite artists i've been following on instagram

a mixed media original art piece arrived from france!  i'm super excited and love having original art.  and this one from france i think infuses the energy from the artist, denise bassett and the south of france where she creates her master pieces.  

the other wonderful 90 some linking participants have more to view here, and the other 20 talented designers revealed week 4 yesterday and can be viewed here.  xx, dana


  1. Love the sculpture! So classic and romantic. Can't wait to see your final design!

  2. I found some deals on craigslist this week too. thank goodness!

  3. The sculpture is just outstanding. Love the painted piece as well!

  4. The bust is awesome and those chairs are perfect! I never find anything on CL here in Atlanta. Oh the art also.

  5. I'm a bust lover and am so happy whenever I see them incorporated into designs- yours is a beauty...same goes for art and that nude is incredible- absolutely love. Oh and can't wait to see your chairs- can already tell they're going to be fabulous!

  6. It will turn out just lovely. all of it, even those "ugly" chairs. xo

  7. Great find with your bust, Dana! Is that your Bergere chair in the background?! Goodness gracious, it is all that!! :) The Louis XVI chairs are going to be amazing!

  8. The bust and that nude are spectacular!

  9. Adore the works of art and sculpture you are using in your design! So excited to see the finished room!

    The Arts by Karena

  10. I must have a bust one day. Love the one you found and hope it makes it into the reveal and can't wait to see what you do with the chairs.

  11. I love those chairs! I have some with a cane back in my breakfast room - I painted mine a pale blue and love them! I am in love with the painting! Awesome investment!
    Shelia @ House of Highlands