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my apologies for not posting here regularly.  summer is here!!!  and, then we took a vacation for a couple of weeks , and then i signed on two clients as well.  it's all a whirl-wind, really...i was just enjoying the slow ride of blogging and working on my own home and not marketing myself.  and, then i got a phone call and it turned into a client.  so, here i am today; stunned, wide-eyed and having to pinch myself because it's all happening so fast.  

this client has hired me on to re-do his master bedroom and kitchen and perhaps blend the kitchen into the dining room.  this week, i've worked on a color consult for my other client as well.  what a trip this process is!  it's time consuming and you find yourself going cross-eyed looking a 5 different samples of the same color for undertones.  and then you put your samples on the wall and they change again.  fun.  

here is the progress with my client kitchen so far...

 the before shots.  gone will be the oak cabinet color.  flooring will remain until the new wood floors are ordered...
to match these floors in the dining and living room areas.  we are keeping the vintage, danish table and chairs and will recover these with something wonderful.  

this granite changed the game with the whole design (started with a light counter top).

 this is called titanium, the color is a bit off here.
this is the slab viewed in the stunning!  it blew my client away too.  

my inspiration board created on polyvore (click to view more of my designs) for this space.  the client purchased the asti cinzano canvas a few months back when i spotted it for a great deal.  the colors and energy are so vibrant and my client loves wine.  

here is the painters progress.  i chose benjamin moore's black paint in a satin finish for a true black tone.  this is the primer coat only, not the black paint.  
and, that my friends is about it for now.  stay tuned for more progress and hopefully some great counter stool and light fixture finds.  xoxo, dana

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