monday morning feng shui: getting ready for summer

as we approach the summer solstice, the days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising; and we find ourselves with the task of balancing this wave of hot, new, exciting yang energy.  it is the energy of the sun; intoxicating, energizing and fast-moving.  

with this energy comes bursts of activity, days of wild abandon, a desire to keep going, to take full advantage of the beauty and magnificence of the summer days.  how do we keep ourselves balanced during these flirty, summer months?  

use yin energy to counter-balance the whirl-wind of excitement and yang energy.   here are some yin things to infuse into your summer plans:
  • nourish yourself with cold or iced food and drink 
  • hit the pool or beach
  • lie in a hammock and read a good book or magazine
  • relinquish "physical" sports for a game of cards, backgammon or chess
  • stroll leisurely through markets or while shopping
  • watch a good movie in the comfort of your home with cool, summer breezes coming through open windows
  • decorate your home with accessories such as candles, flowers, pillows and throws in yin colors and textures (think of muted, soft, warm and inviting colors; nothing too bright or vivid)
how awesome would it be to have an actual hammock, like the photo above, in your home!  or a gorgeous chaise, like this one to lounge upon?

infused waters are a great way to rehydrate and bring in that yin energy too!  this one is strawberry, watermelon with mint...wouldn't this be great paired with some cucumber sandwiches?  the caption under the photo will link directly to the recipe and more infused water combos as well.  
that's about it for a monday morning (now afternoon) post.  i hope you have a really beautiful start to the week.  xoxo, dana

p.s.  here's another "yin recipe"...the best ever guacamole:  waiting on martha

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