monday morning feng shui (on tuesday today): the power of plants

go green, we hear this everywhere.  from recycling at home, to hybrid cars, to eating organic...we get messages everywhere to make conscious choices in how we live.  

my version of going green involves adding plants to your home.  not only are they good for air quality, plants add so much life and vibrancy to a room or space.  in terms of feng shui, plants are considered an immediate cure or remedy to uplifting the energy of a space.  in simple layman terms, plants can bring immediate change to your space.  have you ever noticed the change in your mood, energy, or the air when you enter a greenhouse?  if you cannot recall, visit one soon and take the time to make mental notes about how you feel in this space.  

for more beautiful images and green information, visit my friends over at the design chic blog today to view their post on plants.  they offer ideas for those of us, myself included, who have trouble keeping plants alive.  in my own space, i use cut stems in vases for instant green energy in places where the light isn't so good for growing plants.  my daughter's room is one of those spaces.  

whatever your skill level with plants, you will never go wrong with adding a plant or more to your space...great things can come from this small but powerful change.  happy monday and happy ch'i, dana

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