monday morning feng shui: good kitchen design

some of you may know that the kitchen is the heart and hub of my home.  there is usually always a pan on the stove or a grill pan with something in it!  it seems that both my kids are in a growth spurt... or they have a hollow leg.  i spent so much time in the kitchen this weekend and figured this would be a good area to examine in terms of feng shui. 
my kitchen is u-shaped and my stove lines up to the back of the wall at what would be the inner bottom of a u...make sense?  to the left of my stove is the side of the u and it houses my sink and has an extended counter for counter seating.  i love this side...the kids can sit there to eat and can do art or play games while i cook.  it's good feng shui ju-ju for kids!  the only thing i would change, if i could, or if i had the budget (not planning on a major project for this condo); i would move my stove to where the sink is and move the sink to where the stove is.  sounds simple, right!?  this would put the stove/oven into the "power" position in feng shui theory.  i could then cook right in front my kids, company or friends. 

i love good kitchen designs, and white kitchens.  this design by eric piasecki, has the brightness of the white paint offset with just a few splashes of bright orange offset by rich textures shown in the pendants, the wood dining table and neutral fabrics on the seating.  the one thing i'd "feng shui", move the stove top to the island in place of the sink. 

nathan egan's white cabinets, subway tile backsplash, and marble counters gives this space a clean and airy feel that is perfectly balanced by those rattan barstools (love em'!) and the french country feel of the topiaries. 
there's a trend here...another white/creamy white space.  those windows, the lighting coming through, just gorgeous.  not to mention the stunning farm-house sink and those blooms.  do you see the stove peering out in the right-hand corner?  perfect placement for a stove. 

happy monday and happy ch'i, dana

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