monday morning feng shui: back to the basics and the bagua

many readers have asked for more information on the bagua, the tool used in feng shui.  literally it is an 8-sided octagon divided into 8 sections. each section represents an area of your life.  click here for the visual.  it is used to remedy an area of your life that is perhaps out of balance or simply is not working.  thousands of years old, this tool has antiquity going for it along with practical wisdom and some unexplained, ethereal reason that it works.  the origins are tied to the tao te ching, a book that takes years to understand and master and is the heart and soul of tao. 
house of pemberly

feng shui is all about the movement of things in your environment to create a desired change in your life.  moving something always brings about change.  the bagua helps guide you to the correlating area of your life to make intended changes to.  the more focused and clear your intention, the more exact your change will be.  it is totally possible to create the life you've always dreamed of!  happy monday and happy ch'i, dana   


  1. Thank you! What a helpful and encouraging reminder that small changes in intentional places can make a big difference. Thank you for the doable reminder and the impetus for change!

    1. Good morning, and you are welcome Claire. It is always nice to hear positive feedback, and it gives me great joy to help others. ~Dana