temper the colder temps with some basic feng shui

good morning to all.  burrrrr...the temperature dropped to below 30 degrees fahrenheit in these parts!  as my body attempts to adjust, making some adjustments inside naturally follows. 
with these drops in temps comes a change within your personal energy and inside space.  the feng shui needs adjustments!  the cold weather, snow and ice are all yin in energy and a little yang will balance things out.  and, fire is the perfect yang to get the job done.  inviting, warm, energetic, fire is all this and more. 

no fireplace?  no problem, candles are just as effective.  place a group of your favorite candles on a table, or single votives and pillar candles throughout your home to add the warmth and energy of fire. 
bringing in shades of red instantly adds the fire/yang element too.  adding red lamp shades for the colder months is a simple way to change up lamps and add touches of the fire element.
the comfiest, cozy-est throw you can find is required.  there is simply nothing like cuddling up in a warm throw when it's cold out. 
red flowers or those awesome winter berries can be brought inside for instant fire energy, arranged in vases or simply placed around.  happy ch'i, dana


  1. Dana, these ideas are beautiful! I can't wait to get started!

    1. Thank you Claire...your enthusiasm is contagious! ~dana