Friday Fashion Crush: Houndstooth

houndstooth is one of those woven patterns that never goes out of style.  here are some of my favorite pieces for this season. 

this stunning,  midi-length lanvin dress inspired my post today. 

 this shift is just $80. 
 what a great cuff!  and, the price is just right. 

 love the pops of added color in this coat.  happy friday.  ~dana

midi-dress:  lanvin
cowl neck dress:  coach tour
shift dress:  zara
silver cuff:  asos
gloves:  ralph lauren
trench coat:  marc jacobs
these posts are a labor of love only. 


  1. Every time I see the Coach Tour dress my heart skips a beat but unfortunately it is SO short. I'm 5'8" and mostly leg so it would be a bit higher than mid-thigh and I'm too old to be wearing anything that short!

    1. The Coach Tour dress is great, too bad it doesn't come in a longer version. The Lanvin midi would a huge price tag adjustment though! ~dana