monday morning feng shui: interior design and feng shui

good morning!  it is good to be back here writing and sipping my morning cup of coffee.  for those in the mid-west, my heart goes out to those who had to deal with tornadoes or were harmed in any way.  the wind whipped and whirled here and this powerful energy made it difficult to sleep.  this demonstration of intense energy shows us the magnitude of power energy can wield.  
feng shui is all about energy in your environment; although less destructive than that of a tornado, negative energy in a home can be quite destructive.  while feng shui does often involve decorating, the rearranging of furniture, adding new art or plants, etc., it differs from interior design in that feng shui uses the bagua map and other tools to determine the placement of furniture and d├ęcor.  interior design infused with feng shui gives the added benefit of balancing elements, colors, furniture and such while taking into account structure and architectural elements that could cause problems to the owner and families living in their space.   ultimately, an interior design done with feng shui principles will give a personalized design with complete balance and harmony. 

sending you positive, balanced energy today.  happy monday and happy ch'i, dana

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