Quick Feng Shui Tips to Find Joy and Happiness in Any Moment

This piggy makes me happy, just seeing the amount of positive emotions pouring from this little pig is enough to add an instant smile.

Some days we need to work at finding joy and happiness.  A couple of quick tips to help:

1.  Buy yourself something that makes you feel joy.  It could be a great cup of coffee, a cookie or a new lipstick in a color that instantly energizes you.
2.  Go into nature.  Sit by a running brook or stream, the sound of the water is very energizing and will release stress.
3.  Look at photos such as this one that make you smile immediately.  Love and Happy Ch'i, Dana


  1. For several years I volunteered to work in the Miracle of Birth tent at the Kalamazoo County Fair. It was a huge tent and there were cows, pigs, sheep, and goats that were all due to give birth the week of the fair and we would whelp them right there in front of all the people. It sounds strange but to a lot of city kids that never had a chance to be that close to farm animals it was really cool and very educational. I always worked the sow station. That one got the most attention and I loved talking to the kids & their parents and answering all their questions but mostly because I LOVED getting to pick up & play with the newborn piglets!
    Whew! That was a long winded explanation as to why this picture makes me happy!! :)

  2. What a great story and experience for you and the kids too. Thanks for sharing.