Making Big Steps Forward

I am back!  Took a few days off to play with Alex and Liam and family in Georgia.  The weather was awesome there, between 70-80 degrees and everything was green.  Now, I am back home, it's slowly warming up but the trees are still brown.  There is much change, this week is a huge week for me.  I am signing papers to buy a new home for my family.  And, moving to a new city/place will follow this.  

What is changing in your life?  What new adventures are you going on?  What is in your soul and dreams and needs nurturing to propel you forward to get the "fruit"?  Today is the perfect day to take those steps, big or small, it's never to late to climb out on that limb.  Love and Happy Ch'i, Dana


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Carrie! It is exciting, change is in the air.

  2. Change is not always easy, but can bring many new blessings. Congratulations and Good Luck!