kitchen lighting & styling 

kitchen lighting and styling

bachelor kitchen and dining room design and styling

teen bedroom design
teen bedroom styling
teen bedroom design

biggby coffee shop design
biggby coffee shop design
temple club renovation and design


Before Dana, I had never enlisted the services of an interior designer.   With her help, my living room has been transformed from dark and dreary to bright and welcoming.  She helped me choose eclectic items that fit my personality, budget and make my home unique, yet comfortable."  Linda Alguire Winter

Dana did a wonderful job of incorporating who we are and where we have been, while pushing us in a direction we needed to go. The end result was a new design for our stores that has been wildly successful.”  Michael McFall, President BIGGBY Coffee

Dana has an amazing ability; everything she touches is beautiful.”   Jerry Petersen, Owner Mountain Books and Gifts

 stay tuned for updates with recent projects.  

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