wednesday wisdom

photo taken about a month ago

lao tzu and the peaceful ways of the tao te ching give great insight and wisdom about life.  both are  also part of feng shui, interwoven into the tapestry and essence of feng shui and design.  for example, change is just the universal life force, energy, or chi we call it that lao tzu talks of in the above quote.  this energy flow is understood in feng shui and interior design as the physical manifestation of balance, color, symmetry, proportion, etc. represented by furniture, lighting, paint, fabrics and texture, plants, art and so on.   all these things add energy and change to a design that is often intended but sometimes the changes are greater than just that; sometimes an unknown flow emerges.  that is the beauty of energy, of life and what lao tzu so brilliantly captured in words.  happy wednesday.  xx, dana

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