food | broccoli and arugula soup

yesterday was the perfect indian summer day.  with a broccoli bunch and some arugula on-hand, i made this simple (less than 8 ingredients) puree/soup.  it's a recipe from goop that is so good for a broccoli soup without any dairy or cheese.  although i love a hearty cream of broccoli soup in the winter, but don't love all the calories, or fat.  this soup has all the flavor, mega vitamin punch; but without all the heaviness of a true cream of broccoli soup.  xx, dana

broccoli & arugula soup:  goop


  1. This sounds delicious, Dana and perfect for our cooler weather!! Happy Wednesday~

    1. it's goooood...and so good for you too. another chilly day here too. guess i'll have to make another pot of some kind of soup. it balances out the energy. xx, dana