monday morning feng shui

i spent much of this weekend watching the evolved and highly enlightened dr. wayne dyer on youtube via his e-newsletter.  dr. dyer is a source of inspiration and a beacon of light with his writings, videos and international tours and teachings.  he walks in grace and has become a great spiritual teacher of our time.

for those of you new to my site, my spiritual journey started over 16 years ago (and one can say it truly starts at birth), a true quest for religious knowledge that culminated into spiritual knowledge.  it began with the study of catholicism, moved through all sorts of religions, including judiasm, paganism and ended with the tao.  the tao was the one single place that combined all of these great religions into a formidable book that allows one to just be love, to radiate the true essence of life itself without any religious dogma, rules, or specific set of laws.  this resonated deeply within my soul, calling up years of yearning for something of this sort.  the tao is the water, ch'i, or energy that flows within you, within life, it fills up all those spaces where love is gone, hope is lost, hurts are burning, where repair is needed.  it was and is the band-aid that healed and continues to heal my soul.

the tao the ching is the book of the tao.  an ancient text over 2,500 years old, it's one of the oldest books of this sort.   in the simplest explanation, the tao provides wisdom of the deepest sort; it teaches us to be human, to be beings concerned for all, to not get caught up in the material world, to not let ego reign in as it does to heavily in our culture.  nature is a great teacher, if we take the time to observe it and the tao te ching has many references to the natural world with compelling insight.  ultimately, it teaches one to go within and find your god-like self, to really feel love for yourself and all.  there's no black and white in the tao, only gentle lessons that open your heart freeing you to be love, the tao, the light, to be god, the god essence that is in you.  it teaches one that there is no separateness from you and god, you are the good, god-like  energy that can transmute any negativity into a positivity.

the tao is also the foundation for feng shui.  feng shui uses those basic lessons from the tao and further allows refining of your life through the physical world.  by manipulating, changing, or moving furnishings, adding plants, color, art, water or other things (called remedies in feng shui); and using feng shui principles, you are able to connect the wisdom of the tao with your new conscious intent, and then manifest those changes in your home or office.  the effects can be remarkable and quite powerful.  there is so much more to know about both the tao and feng shui, it truly is a wonderful, wonder-filled journey.  it brings me great joy to use feng shui to help others.  happy monday and happy ch'i, dana

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