monday morning feng shui's once again monday.  it's funny how that happens again and again.  hopefully you've all had time to unwind, relax, reflect, and recharge over the weekend.  

as my daughter, alex, and i strolled around town yesterday in search of art supplies for her new etsy business venture, i thought about ripples.  or, the effect energy has on everything when you change something in your home or you do something new like we did today.  leaving our little city and heading to the bigger city of ann arbor, experiencing new sites, sounds and places had to create change in her of some sort.  i wondered what sort of "ripple effect" this mini road trip had on her.  

much like a ripple in water when a stone is thrown in, ripples happen in time and space, or more particularly with energy or chi.  when the stone is thrown in, the energy is shifted and the water moves accordingly; this happens every single time you change something in yourself, be it a thought or a new activity.  it also happens every time you shift something in your environment.  yes, switching out that new coffee pot last week created a ripple and change, those new shoes you bought and placed in your closet created a ripple, the new paint color on your walls created a ripple.  and, on and on and on.  it becomes very crystal clear that these ripples have a huge effect on you.  not only you, but everyone in your immediate space.  this new ripple effect is then radiated outward much like the energy of the sun to the bigger circles (think your neighbors, then your city, and so on).   everything affects everything as the effect and there are concentric circles or ripples as the cause.  what sort of ripples will you make today?  happy monday and happy chi.  xx, dana


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    1. hi claire. you are welcome. all the best to you, dana

  2. Love this thought. I have had lots of travel and the ripple effect is well noted for me as I transition between locations and energy. Thanks for sharing.