dolce & gabbana: celebrating mamma before mother's day

oh, how i love the italians (my paternal great grandma is full blooded italian) and the influence they have on food, style, fashion and culture.  many days of my childhood were spent helping my grandma cook up a hearty pot of ragu as she called it , a thick and rich menagerie of meat with a tomato sauce base, and lots of garlic of course!  those days were priceless;  and seeing the dolce and gabbana winter of 2016 collection today transported me back to those happy days and memories.  not to mention how cool it is to see children, babies and mammas all on the runway together; such a humanistic fashion show with a powerful statement in celebration of mammas.  xx, dana

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  1. I love this! The models seem so much more beautiful and feminine when accompanied by the babies and children. :)