monday morning feng shui

as i opened my email today, this image appeared from this blog that i love to read but it's the great photography and visuals that keep me coming back for more.  this image of tuscany struck me deeply today, not only is it a great image but the colors are so vivid...and the landscape and beauty literally stopped me in my tracks.  i stopped thinking, took it in and paused.  those are the moments i like to capture on this blog, striking visuals intermixed with some 'thinking' type of posts like my monday morning feng shui.  

when i started this blog, the intention was to write a weekly monday morning feng shui post; however, this didn't quite work out and the frequent writing felt forced and not authentic.  i've decided that these posts will happen less frequently, opting for a monthly feng shui post that will hopefully be chock-full of insight, wisdom and helpful links.  so, stayed tuned and in the mean time visit the links below for more.  happy monday and happy ch'i, dana

the year of the sheep from my alma mater


  1. Dana, sometimes having a regular schedule helps us to stay on track, but when it's not possible to do so, it makes us feel inadequate. You've made a good decision! Better to write one excellent post per month than to force it and be inauthentic and possibly not even interesting.

  2. What a peaceful, relaxing image. Thanks so much for sharing this Dana! It's exactly what I needed. ;)

    1. you're welcome nealey. sometimes a beautiful image is all that is needed to give balance. dana