what i made today: a simple french omelet

a very long time ago a chef/friend taught me how to make a classic french omelet.  made with eggs, butter, salt and parsley only.  so simple and yet soooo good; the caveat, you must use really fresh eggs, lots of real butter and a good sea salt.  

i used my 10-inch fry pan this time around and two eggs for a larger omelet (for a smaller version, i use an 8-inch pan and one egg).  the key is to get the pan hot but not too hot.   using my gas stove, i toggle between 4 and 5 (i think this is equivalent to medium on another stove).  once the pan is hot, put 3-4 tablespoons of butter in...yikes, but it makes all the difference between good eggs and sensational eggs. wait until the butter starts to bubble and pop and bit and then strike with those whisked eggs.  it will look like this.  

 i use either a fork or a rubber spatula to stir the eggs up a few times and then i swirl the pan around to make the edge for the omelet.  when it looks like this...

let it sit for about 20 seconds and then flip it over and cook it for a quick minute.  no longer or you'll end up with browned eggs.  this is the finished omelet, direct from the pan to the plate with a sprinkle of sea salt and freshly chopped parsley.  

the little orange and lemon, called a mandarin quat and a lime quat i found at a local market.  i'm thinking they are my new love and obsession au moment.  happy thursday.  xx, dana

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