wednesday wisdom with a change

dolce and gabbana
as i began to blog this morning, i found it difficult to find the right image or message to share today.  this happens sometimes and it's the universe telling me to pause, to take more time as the messages will come and i will attract what it is that is needed... if i wait.  so, i'm waiting to post my usual quote.  this image resonated strongly with me however; the breezy dress, the ease and happiness in her steps, the dreamy, antiquity this photograph evokes--made me long for these things.  so inspiring and i believe it will weave these lovely energies into my day today.  wishing you a day filled with ease and happiness as well.  xx, dana


  1. I also really like this has such a juxtaposition of fashion with the historic architecture. It's good to realize that it's ok to be still until the words, thoughts, and inspiration come to us, I think.

  2. hi julie. i'm really in love with historic architecture and furniture; and of course, fashion inspires me greatly as well. combining all these things together into my blog posts and interior designs is what i try to do. being still here still :-) have a great weekend, dana