the artistry of the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2015 Haute Couture Collection

i'm always giddy after chanel debuts a collection.  and, stumbling across this video showing behind-the-scenes handwork gave me much heart-felt joy.

there's simply no comparison to the exquisite detail, artistry and imaginative design of chanel.  the embellishments in the spring-summer 2015 haute couture collection combine bright, unique flowers and paler flowers made of fabric, sequins and some type of plastic-like paint.  it brings a whimsical yet soft femininity that evokes the coming of spring.  

i'm calling it fantasy made real.  even if one cannot afford haute couture, the inspiration that it brings is quite contagious.  the residual ripples of visual joy can be felt for days after viewing the collection.  xx, dana

if you have time, click here for the fashion show.

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