wednesday wisdom: emma watson on feminism

un heforshe campaign
i knew earlier last month that my pioneer-minded daughter was onto something big (my daughter doesn't mention anything unless it is profound and moves her to her core) when  she got my attention with this quote from emma watson (yeah, that emma...aka hermione granger from the harry potter book series).  and, that it was significant when emma announced her role as united nations goodwill ambassador for the heforshe campaign.

un women
the campaign is all about the f-word, not that one folks, the other stigmafied one--feminist.  the feminist label provokes much debate and speculation, and causes one to pause and really think about what it truly means.  emma watson and the heforshe campaign takes it to a whole new level with the inclusion of  men; but it rings of a more worldly, humanistic tone that is very refreshing.   xx, dana

for more information, click this link:  un heforshecampaign

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