lazy sunday + a recipe

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we love a good pumpkin pie, especially my youngest, liam.  he's a huge fan and loves a large dollop of whipped cream on top.  so, yesterday we made one using my mother's recipe for the filling but updated it with a shortbread crust!  so yummy the sweetness of the shortbread makes's really good but not in the way that makes you so sick afterward from all the sugar.  the recipe only calls for 3 tablespoons of sugar, making the crust sweet but i'd like it just a little sweeter;  next time we will definitely add another tablespoon.  

here is our pie!   we substituted flour with a gluten-free blend to see how this would work out.  all in all, it worked out pretty well.  it was a tad more crumbly/dry so we adjusted the butter by adding a half a tablespoon or so more.   we didn't have quite enough dough to make a thick crust and go up the sides of the pie plate (there's nothing better than a pie with thicker shortbread crust to dig into!)  doubling the recipe would take care of this and would give a better presentation too.  anyhow, my kids were very happy with it and the real vanilla whipped cream too.  happy sunday, dana

recipe courtesy:  martha stewart

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