monday morning feng shui

as i watched the meryl and charlie (olympic pair ice skating gold medalists) skate on the rockefeller ice skating rink in nyc this morning, good feelings, joy and happy smiles ensued.  if you didn't get a chance to see it, click here to view won't be disappointed!  their grace, beauty, synchronous and magnetic energy inspired my post today.  

feng shui is all about energy, some people are more sensitive to it than others but i believe we all can feel or sense it.  using this keen sense in your home and design needs helps you to create a space that is all you...or your family.  think of it like a tea bag filled with your own personal blend of herbs and infused just to the right point to suit your tastes.  
this is glamorous

turning point 2
these flowers are my energy fix for the day (and i think they embody meryl and charlie's superb ice skating).      i'd love fresh flowers everyday...not always in the budget though...but on this particularly dreary day they are really needed.  check my instagram later to see what i do in my own home with flowers to bring this graceful, magnetic energy to reality in my life today.  xx, dana


  1. I love watching them skate - such grace and beauty, much like the perfect roses in your images. Love the ones you arranged!!

    1. you are so sweet! arranging flowers is a creative outlet for me.