advice 101: women as leaders

this week, lots of resources and information on women taking their own power came my way.  in the form of videos and blog posts, the messages arrived one after the other.  

the first to hit my radar (from the wondrous powerhouse biz woman/blog waiting on martha) is dream girl, a documentary in production that shines light on women entrepreneurs and aims to give confidence to all women/females to follow their passions and blaze their own path.  the link above takes you to the blog and from there you can view a teaser of the documentary. 

the next message from entrepreneur magazine and shark tank star, lori greiner takes the gender out of the male-female boss debate.  instead of thinking of yourself as a women in business, think of yourself as a person, and an expert in your field...simple really.  if only this were taught in the business school i went to long ago.  

powerful messages people.  and, ones that are not taught in business school or at home in most instances.   let's keep them going strong shall we?  xx, dana


  1. Such great examples. I hate when people expect women to be 'nice' because they are female. Have you read Lean In? I loved it.

    1. ditto! being 'nice' is not limited to females and is often used to make a woman feel less than if she's not 'being nice'. I picked up that book yesterday! dana