monday morning feng shui: getting ready for fall

last week was full of action and change.   i received communication from an associate producer to appear on a big network reality tv show to help improve customer relations using feng shui.   how exciting and exhilarating it was to entertain the idea of being able to bring feng shui to the masses!   it turned out to be the wrong choice for me and my core client base.  it did however, give me the opportunity to reflect and further refine my goals, values, and my vision for the future.

added to this great change; fall has arrived, bringing with it yin temperatures, shorter days, and a general feeling of moving slower.  gone is the fiery summer energy.  

i like to advise clients to use yang energy to counter-balance the slower yin energy during this time of the year.  here are some yang things to infuse into your fall plans:
  • nourish yourself with hot food and drink 
  • turn up the lights
  • light candles
  • light a fire 
  • watch a good movie in the comfort of your home and cuddle up with a soft blanket
  • decorate your home with accessories such as candles, pillows, and throws in yang colors and textures (think of muted to bright colors using lots of red to orange-red tones)
  •  hit the trails!  walk, hike or keep active doing your favorite form of exercise
  • remember to connect with you again.  the summer tends to speed things up and fall is a great time to reflect
fall is the perfect time to take inventory, both internally and in your space.  and,  feng shui is the perfect tool to further refine your intentions to move you toward the life of your dreams.   ♥dana    

p.s. this recipe (found at dust jacket attic), for salted caramel apple cinnamon rolls sound so good and brings the heat and warmth needed to balance the plummeting temperatures.  

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