monday morning feng shui: live well

i've been a bit busy lately but i am also changing things up on this blog.  i started out with feng shui posts every monday, wisdom on wednesday, fashion on friday, infused with inspirational posts whenever they happen.  i am finding that writing and being creative comes when it comes; and so i will post when this happens.  a natural way of blogging and writing...unless you tell me otherwise.  


feng shui for your home is all about the energy you carry within yourself.  your personal energy will be reflected in your home environment or any space you inhabit.  today, i invite you to live well.  this is a very broad statement but if you examine it more closely, it's pretty simple.  live well.  take time to    create a mental inventory of what this means to you.  living well will mean different things to each person.  if necessary, write down your thoughts and also create visuals of what living well means to you.  a vision board is great for this.  maybe living well means having great health to you, or it may mean you have deep, interpersonal relationships or that you are able to travel to far-away places.  whatever you discover, embrace it, run with it and it will most definitely carry over into your home.  wishing you a very happy monday, dana


  1. Here's to living well to start my week - happy Monday, Dana!

    1. thanks ladies! here's to a happy week! dana