the most amazing potatoes!

yesterday, i raided my pantry in search of a side dish for some steak for dinner.  yes, i am one of those carefree cooks looking for last minute inspiration.  even though i had planned dinner out the day before, it never occurred to me to check the pantry for basmati rice.  well, lo and behold, i opened my drawer for storing onions and such and there were three, large russet potatoes.  perfect, i thought and proceeded to search pinterest for a new kid-friendly recipe.  i found this one, which turned out to be quite the hit with the fam.  these are super easy to make and the crispy parmesan crust on the bottom is awesome. 
the crust sticks to the potato and not the pan.  one caveat, i lined my pan with foil...mainly so that i didn't have to scrub it later!  i thought the parmesan crust wouldn't adhere but it worked out fine. 
 these would be good with cheddar cheese in place of the parmesan as well.  happy thursday ♥dana          

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