valentine's love fest

pink and red and all shades of make-up this loving holiday...and hearts!  what's not to love about it?   this year i'm lovin' dusty rose and coral-y pink, somewhere in between a warm pink and a coral.  here are a few of my favorite things.  

some lovely links:
diy valentine cards:   camillestyles
valentine's décor:  designchic
valentine's treats:  barefootcontessa
wishing you all a day of heart-filled love and happiness.  ♥dana
bow earrings:  amanda deer (etsy)
forget me knot necklace:  amanda deer (etsy)
love birds book:  amazon
stud earrings:  kate spade
dress:  elie saab
wax stamp:  back to zero (etsy)
heart necklace:  amanda deer (etsy)
satchel:  chloe
flower dress:  oscar de la renta

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