monday morning feng shui: it all starts in the home

good morning to you all.  for the feng shui tips today, it's gonna be all about getting your feng shui straight starting with your home.  this is where it all begins.  if you think in terms of concentric circles with your life, the center would be your home, then perhaps your neighborhood, then your city, state...etc, etc.  imagine the energy flowing out from that center (your home) and into those other circles and the world; you then begin to see how important that center energy is.  taking care of yourself, your families (if you have them) and your home is paramount to optimizing what you'd like to do in the world.  imagine this scenario:  you have a high-powered, demanding career but the place where you rest and find peace (your home) at the end of the day is full of chaos.  your home is a mess, there are papers scattered around, the dog hasn't been to the vet because you are too busy, your closets are jammed full of stuff and not organized, basic maintenance needs have been neglected, that home project started 2 years ago is still not done...the list could go on and on.  these things affect you and can start to erode the quality of your life. 
here are some helpful tips: 
go back to the center of the concentric circle, to your center (you are included) care for yourself first. 
begin to focus on your home.  tackle one thing at a time to avoid possibly getting overwhelmed.
keep your focus clear.  if necessary, start a vision board or get professional help with this process.
give it time.  change can be quick or slow.  make change at a pace that feels right for you. 
love yourself.  be kind and gentle and give yourself plenty of room for breaks, time to rejuvenate and time to reflect. 
in time, repeated processes become habit.  so, keep on moving forward and soon enough it will become an everyday part of your life and you will see results!  ♥dana  

photo credit: laura resen 


  1. What a gorgeous entrance, and such great advice, Dana. I have a hard time with not wanting everything done instantly, but agree that my home is definitely my sanctuary. Happy Monday!

    1. why thank you! we are human, i too want things done in my home instantly...i suppose it's due to my clear vision and visual need for beauty everywhere :-) sometimes, especially during a renovation or change in my home, it is necessary to put blinders on so that i can focus on one thing at a time.