monday morning feng shui: feng shui for love

since valentine's day is just around the corner and it is one of my favorite holidays too, it seemed like an appropriate time to jot down some feng shui tips on love.  love, love, love...what a grand thing it is.  whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, love is there.  we tend to associate love with having a partner, but i invite you to look at it another way.  as an extension of you.  you know how it feels when you do something from your heart?  that heart-felt energy that melts away all worry, all feelings of "did i do the right thing".  instead, you feel such a joyous feeling, it replaces any angst and you actually feel a sense of euphoria.  this is the kind of love i'm talking about!  here's a few tips on how to get it:
let go of mental chatter.  STOP THINKING.  seriously, try it and then use your heart to guide you.  whatever comes to you, act on it.  it may be that you do something loving for yourself or it may be that you give love to another person or even an animal.
smile.  try it.  see what happens?  try to exude happiness and it may just creep on in and then love will start to flow.  use things that make you happy, like a family photo or a beautiful song as "props" if you cannot muster a smile.
place hearts, flowers and pairs of objects in reds, pinks and any shades of in your space.  use your own inner guidance to help place these things.  this invites in relationships if you are seeking a partner,  or even a good friendship. 
spend time doing something you love.  it's quite simple, doing what you love brings about more love within you.  what is it that you love to do? 
here's to a week filled with love, love and more love.  ♥dana 


  1. I absolutely LOVE these tips, Dana! What a great post! XO

  2. Such great tips and the birds...amazing!!

  3. Thank you so much Carrie...your words mean so much. ♥dana