the best chocolate chip cookies

i love to make home cooked meals and treats for my family.  one of our favorite everyday treats are chocolate chip cookies...well, any cookies really but if chocolate chips are in the pantry, we are always up for cookies with chocolate!
we've tried many chocolate chip cookie recipes, from gluten-free to a mint chocolate chip version.  but, ya' know what?  we always go back to the nestle® toll-house® recipe.  the one my mom used to make for me, that my sister and i always made growing up, and now the one my kids make.  it's just a good and simple recipe (click here for the recipe). 
alexandra and i made a batch yesterday, sharing this time together brought back many happy memories and warmed our hearts and hearth.  sometimes, it's the simple things that mean so much♥  ~dana


  1. Yum! I love to bake--and eat!--chocolate chip cookies. The old recipes are often the best, aren't they?! Love that textile in the background too. Such pretty colors! Happy Friday, Dana! :)

    1. Hello Carrie. Yes, on the old recipes...this one is just consistently good. We have tried it with wheat-free flour and that works well here for those with allergies to wheat. I added the colorful runner in this photo for color and it is one of my favorite table runners. Happy Friday to you as well.