wednesday wisdom: finding balance for the thanksgiving holiday

i missed my monday morning feng shui post!  yep, I did.  there is a great deal of change and activity this week with the thanksgiving holiday and all that it entails.  my little guy, liam, caught a cold and i had a sore throat.  these things provide an important message to listen to our bodies, to slow down and pamper ourselves.  i truly believe that sickness or illness is an imbalance in our lives reflected in our bodies.  perhaps liam and i were too busy this week, perhaps we didn't bundle up enough and our immune system worked harder to stay warm (it is super cold here).  whatever the cause of our imbalance, we did slow down and listen to our bodies.  we stayed in; missing our ice skating time together and a big celebration in our community.  lots of tea and soup on monday and vitamin c lozenges comforted and helped to speed along recovery. 

now that i am "back in the saddle" again, i have sooooo much to do in preparation for the thanksgiving gathering at my house.  i hold myself to high expectations, wanting to create a beautiful table setting/space and have wonderful food to nourish the souls and bodies of those coming over.  well, again it all is coming back into balance.  i opened my email  to find some amazing messages. one of these happened to be from the western school of feng shui founder; and it has some great new tips and ways to evaluate this holiday and find what rings true to your heart.  it definitely helped me stay present, balanced,  and to keep my focus on what is truly important this week:  sharing love and joy with family and friends.  wishing you a most happy and enjoyable thanksgiving holiday.  ~dana


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