monday morning feng shui: thoughts become things

the power of your thoughts is indeed powerful.  what you think becomes reality.  it naturally makes sense that what you think also is reflected in the things, art, d├ęcor, etc. that you put in your home and space.  it's just simple and it's just not possible to separate your mind from your actions. 

it doesn't matter where you are right now, if you are at the office or home; stop what you are doing for a few minutes if possible.  use this time to listen to your thoughts.  if necessary, realign your thoughts to reflect your deepest passion and wishes for your life.  it's feng shui for your mind, clearing space much like clearing space in your home.  you can do this quick tune-up whenever needed until it becomes habit and you keep your mind on the track you want it to be on!  happy monday and happy ch'i, ~dana

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