friday fashion crush: pale pink

by now, i had grand plans of learning to use graphic design software.  my goal is to make those nice posts with all the items of clothing, accessories and such on a white background with numbers and fancy fonts and have it look amazing and spectacular. hasn't happened yet!  it will.  but for now, my posts will be what they have been:  dreamy photos with brief narration.  until my will becomes stronger to open the software sitting on my desk, and i actually begin the exploration process of the select tool, this post will look somewhat familiar.   

on another note, progress has been made...the new blog design was implemented and now has buttons (those little circle icons to the right for non-blog folk) for direct links to my facebook, instagram, pinterest and twitter accounts!

back to this post...i am smitten with pink.  and, this week i rather like pale pink accessories to add softness, femininity and a stark contrast to all the dark, deep and earthy tones used in fall clothing. 

how adorable!!! just couldn't resist using this tumblr image.  happy friday, dana 
crystal necklace:  zara
flower headband:  asos
pink stone ring:  sundance
pink necklace:  jcrew
pink wristlet:  tory burch
pink handbag:  jcrew

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