monday morning feng shui: the power of purple

good morning, TUESDAY morning.  this week is crazy busy for my family.  busy, but in a good way, and not chaotic.  my usual monday post was just delayed a bit is all :-)  i like to say that life happens and try to let things like this to just flow like water, gently to flow away and out of my thoughts.  there is no sense in minor things causing any worry. 

purple is historically a regal color used in tapestries and garments to denote nobility.  it is a rich and regal color; and today we do not need to be royals to wear it!  not a neutral, but yet not as bold as a pink or red, it still has the vibe of a rich and "fun" color to use. 


rich, warm and full of happy colors, this entry uses purple against the complementary color of yellow.  how fun is this? 
kelly weartsler
bold elements mixed up with warm and cool shades of purple in this bedroom makes for a serene yet interesting look. 
 the tones here are a bit muted, with black accents for added drama.

this rich, violet-magenta on the walls adds intensity and energy to this room.

in feng shui, purple is associated with the wealth corner of the bagua map.  purple, and any shades of it, placed in your space or even worn as clothing can invoke the power to attract and increase wealth and prosperity.  effective implementation requires life alignment, mind, spirit, and body alignment, and an intention that is clear as day.  remember how powerful your thoughts are and how fast energy moves. 


use lavender and shades of it to invoke a calming atmosphere. 

using a purple african violet is an easy way to bring purple into your space if you want to avoid painting a wall or room purple or your budget doesn't allow for bigger purchases.  happy tuesday and happy ch'i.  ~dana


  1. So pretty!
    I love what you said about letting minor details in life flow like water. What a great idea! I will have to try it.