monday morning feng shui: the power of green

happy monday morning!  today's post is about the color green and what it means in feng shui and how it relates to the bagua map. 

the area represented by green on the feng shui bagua map is family.  if you want to strengthen familial relationships (whether is be those you are biologically related to or other close friends in your periphery that can be considered extended family), focusing on this area of your space with the proper intention can do this. 
the element wood is associated with both the color green and the family area in feng shui.  adding wood objects (trees, plants and flowers are wood elements) enhances your intention.  think of a tree; they are rooted in the earth,  and adding a plant or potted tree to this area adds stability, growth or re-birth.  flowers or photographs and art with these images is a super way to bring in the wood element.  again, it all need to be personalized, to feel "right" to you.  this is your space, make it your personal sanctuary!  happy monday and happy ch'i, dana 

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