monday morning feng shui: go green, add a plant to your space

good morning!  happy to be here connecting with you all.  we can all use cleaner air, uplifting energy and good visuals in our spaces.  plants are a great way to accomplish all of this, going green so to speak.  in our modern world, we tend to be so busy that plants seem like an added chore more than a necessity for health.  plants are living things, they carry vibrant, living energy and clean the air too!  bringing these in to your space will enliven and revive you and help with air quality. 
in feng shui, plants are the wood element and are used to balance out a space with too much of the earth element. 
not only are plants great for your health, the color green is one that is said to increase intuition.  we could all benefit from more of this sense that sometimes also gets put aside in our modern world. 

just couldn't resist using this gorgeous, emerald gown in this post...


dolce and gabbana

or this ornate design from dolce and gabbana. 

tone on tone antiques
 happy monday, i'm off to water my plants... ~dana


  1. This is very interesting... I love to see green, although I tend not to be great with houseplants. :)

    1. Hi Carrie! I am not sot great with house plants either...orchids and this plant called a ZZ plant are super easy to care for though. And, I just bought a tilandsia for Liam's bathroom...hoping this does well. ~dana