Monday Morning Feng Shui: Fall into Fall

As the weather gets cooler and cooler, and the trees change color (in the Northern hemisphere anyhow); we begin to change for the season by dressing warmer, planning "hot" meals and by going within.  This is the perfect time for implementing some feng shui within your inner selves.  Literally, fall into Fall.  Grab your comfy blanket, put your feet up, grab a notebook and a warm beverage, and see what conspires.  Take time to reflect on the year, paying special attention to what you wish for in the remaining part of this year.
This is a less active form of energy, and so allow yourself the time and space to let this energy come in and guide you.  You may find that your intentions have more and more to do with your home, front door area, and the kitchen in particular.  It doesn't matter what area you focus on within your space, only that your intention is clear which allows you to then make physical changes in your space to anchor and make your intention a reality! 
The oranges, reds and golds of the season can be brought into your space too.  It's really nice to use those fallen leaves, pumpkins, gourds, indian corn and such to decorate with.  The reds and oranges, vibrant and rich, have a lot of fire energy. 
The important key thing to remember, take time to listen to your inner voice.  Reflect and then reflect some more.  What changes did you come up with?  As always, I'd love to hear back from you, dana 


  1. Hi Dana,

    I love your posts. What a beautiful and encouraging post about fall. I tried to subscribe to your blog but I'm not sure if it worked, but would still love to communicate with you about your journey as a feng shui consultant, as I think about if and how I might pursue this.

    Here is my phone number (in a format that hopefully avoids spambots!), if you would ever be willing to text or call we could set up a time to talk: two four eight 910 two four zero six.

    Thanks so much, Dana. Have a wonderful Monday.
    :) Claire

    1. Hello again Claire! Yes, you have subscribed...I just haven't figured out all the technical aspects of this blog yet. Today, is a busy day for me but I have your number and will be in contact soon. Thank you for your feedback. ~dana