monday morning feng shui: clear your space, clear your mind

it is good to be back!  after a long family weekend, it's time for me to change gears and share my energy with the rest of the world.  between sibling sword battles, learning to shoot rubber bands with our fingers and a family sushi treat on sunday, i can say the family fulfillment factor was high this weekend. 
recently decluttering and styling liam's bookcase (from his early childhood years), made me think about this post.  spending a hour or so clearing out old books, videos and collections of pins, marbles, shells and basically anything liam keeps, made me feel like i accomplished a GREAT big task.  and, it made the feng shui flow in his space, this is not superstitious works! 
here is the before photo of the nook that liam's bookcase was placed in (i just plum forgot to get before photos of the cluttered me, it didn't look so good and housed about 50 or so dvd's):

the blue walls had to go, along with the extra cable and messy carpeting.  liam chose emerald green and we had the wall behind his bed painted this wonderfully saturated hue.  the rest of the room we had painted white.  a reveal for this will be later, as the right art work has not appeared yet to finish this space. 
ta-da!  the styled bookcase reveal.  in this post from Cosy Carolina, my friend talks of reusing what is already around your house, and i love this idea!  i happened to have an abundance of those mason looking storage jars from our country house that had a HUGE pantry; and so i decided to make these useful. 
i filled this one with shells liam collects from our lake and some crystals from his sister and grandma. 

more of liam's belongings...some favorite children's tales and a couple of books that were alexandras.  someday, he will be ready to read these. 

a few of his favorite movies made it through the decluttering process!!! now, i have another project figuring out where to put the remaining dvds. 

and...there are plenty more jars for liam to fill with shells and such.  the painting, made by liam, may move to another area of his room or bathroom as we continue to search for art and things to hang on his walls. 

this clearing of space felt so good, not only did i feel a great sense of accomplishment, my mind is no longer focused on the mess and clutter of this bookshelf.  happy monday and happy ch'i, dana

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