Monday Morning Feng Shui: Back to the Bedroom Two

i know, i know, i know...why am i writing about going back to the bedroom for a morning post!  not to rub salt into the early morning, end-of-weekend blues.  remember those older posts about the bedroom and good feng shui?  well, this is a continuation of those, and well...for some strange reason...i chose monday morning for these posts.  so, grab a cup of tea or coffee, hang on for the ride, and read on. 
this is a basic feng shui principle:  the bed and your placement of it, are one of the most important things in your life.  it sounds trivial,  but think about how many hours you spend in bed and it becomes quite obvious that a great deal of your life is spent here. 

where you sleep affects your sleep.  is your bed under a vent, are there windows over your head, is there a large ceiling fan over your bed; these and many more factors are taken into account to collectively determine whether you sleep well or not.  placement or your bed in your room refines the importance even further; and with feng shui principles, the simple adjustment of moving your bed could be the solution needed for more restful sleeping. 

in feng shui,  the bed should be placed in the furthest corner facing outward toward the entry door to your bedroom...whenever possible.  sometimes, rooms do not allow for this placement and creative tweaking is required.  the key things to remember are:
1.  place the bed in the room so you have a view of the door laying down; the optimal space is described above;
2.  if you cannot place the bed either of these positions, opt for one in which there is minimal interceding of the door and the bed;
3.  also keep in mind those totally practical but-not-good-feng shui overhead ceiling fans, or light fixtures.  some folks have disturbed sleep from these items; if you are affected, removing these items can help. 

as always keep things practical, if something feels off or not right, trust in your intuitive wisdom and follow that as a guide.  feng shui is not meant to be rigid and you are an important factor in making feng shui work for your most sacred space, your bedroom.  happy monday and happy ch'i, dana


  1. I agree that this is very important. Moving my bed out of an inopportune corner and removing an old army knife which was beneath the bed have made a huge difference in my quality of sleep.
    I love the bedroom you chose to have pictured above, Dana!

    1. Thank you Claire! So glad the sharp object was removed, and that you are sleeping better.