Monday Morning Feng Shui: Back to the Office

Good morning all!  Hoping you are starting off your week on a positive vibe and with the most optimal of rested energy. 
Today's post is all about how to maintain the feng shui in your office space.  Hopefully, you've read my past posts on office feng shui and have viewed the bagua map (a tool used in feng shui).  If you work from home, maintaining your personal space and feng shui is pretty have a whole lot of control over your environment and can tailor it for you.  But, what do you do if your work in an office, or in a cubicle, with many rules about what you can or cannot have on your desk, walls, and space? 

Well, you definitely want to follow the rules if you want to keep your job!  You can also still personalize your space and use feng shui to enhance your life while in this space as well.  Adding a personal photo of those you love, or something of great importance to you is a simple way to add some fire to your desk; and it will amplify your energy.  If you need some calming energy, look at your desk and space for excess clutter.  This clutter can cause chaotic energy and your ability to focus could be diminished.  If so, reorganize and try placing a vase of fresh flowers or a plant in this space.  Adding a crystal paperweight, a crystal vase or white objects can help with mental clarity as well.  If you are finding it difficult to concentrate, pay special attention to the lighting in your space.  You may want to adjust the lighting or add a small task light to your desk.  As always use your intuitive wisdom and do things that makes sense and feel just right for you.   Adding your own personal touches could be just what you need to make that long-awaited deal to be sealed, or the impetus for creative breakthroughs to propel your career forward!  Happy Monday and Happy Ch'i, dana


  1. I am so glad I read this blog post. I rearranged my home office (even putting it in a different part of our home) after reading this post, to give it a cleaner and more focused energy. Within hours, I was able to answer for myself some of the career questions I had been wondering about for months!

    1. I love hearing success stories! Thanks for sharing. Wishing you continued
      success on your path. ~dana