friday fashion crush: kids and family

this post is a little friday fashion crush is all about spending quality time with your family.  it is vogue to do so. 
so fast is our world, we rush around, schedule as many things to do and see and learn from that we can lose focus, fast.  family is and always has been, the number one priority in my life.  from natural child birth, to extended breast feeding, to homeschooling, and placing the kids' needs as high priority; it is as simple as breathing to me. 
no matter how you parent; quality time with your family is fashionable and an investment that benefits you, your kids and ultimately, the world.  in this article from the family focus blog, the author lists several benefits of spending lots of quality time with your family. 
for our family, cooking has always brought everyone together and brought great joy to our home.  liam loves to chop stuff...go figure!  chopping has action and he just love this.  alex comes up with some lovely recipes and ideas for food and...well,  i get to do the work of shopping, assisting and helping to clean up.  you can also find more of our family time adventures and photos on instagram
alex is studying the culture and language of japan.  these are her noodles she made using a traditional japanese recipe.  they were quite tasty!
one of liam's favorite meals right now are sloppy joes (it changes as he grows, tacos were once his passion and eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!).  he loves to chop the green peppers and celery and it gives us time together.  what could be better than that?
what sort of things does your family do together?  i'd love to hear from you.  happy friday, dana


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